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Teach yourself and your staff TPP SystmOne and EMIS Web with our eLearning videos, user guides, training materials and handouts.

October 19, 2017 — administrator

Pricare gives you access to a full suite of training materials, user guides, handouts and lesson plans with actual screenshots to enable you to train yourself on all major clinical systems, or to design and provide your own in house training for staff.

Input Prompts in TPP SystmOne

November 29, 2017 — administrator

If you're familiar with protocols in clincial systems, then you will be aware of what powerful a tool they are and how they can save time for clinicians and admin staff alike. They can sometimes be tricky to set up however, and for simple tasks such as alerting a user on adding certain information to a patient record, input prompts may be a better choice...

Viewing organisations that have enabled sharing (TPP SystmOne) EDSM

March 19, 2017 — administrator

A new audit screen has been added to SystmOne that shows all organisations that have enabled data sharing on the Enhanced Data Sharing Model (eDSM). This audit is particularly useful for you to see potential units that could see your patient data if the consent flags are set to allow viewing of this information. 

To access the report:- 

1. Click the Audit menu > Sharing Organisations. 

2. Enter a date that units have enabled sharing since, if required. 

3. Click Run Report. 

Dealing with GP2GP (v2.2) Degraded Data - TPP SystmOne

February 10, 2017 — administrator

When registering a patient that has transferred across from a practice using a clinical system other than SystmOne, it is not always possible to accurately translate all information across. Any data that cannot be understood by SystmOne will become degraded data, and must be dealt with to ensure an accurate record. 

There are lots of reasons for data becoming degraded, including different read coding systems being used. 

GP2GP V2.2 functionality now enabled at all TPP SystmOne Practices

February 3, 2017 — administrator

TPP have completed the rollout of GP2GP V2.2 and the new functionality is now enabled at all practices. 

This new version has many advantages including larger messaging (allows very big records to be sent via GP2GP), A-B-A returning patients (allowing returning patients to have their record fully integrated for a continuous record), paper processing (reduces the amount of paper produced when a patient leaves the practice) and a new GP2GP Degraded Entries Task and Node have been created to deal with the data that has been degraded during a transfer from a practice with a different clinical system. 

Process a Patient Deduction - EMIS Web

February 11, 2016 — administrator

1. Click the EMIS button in the top-left corner of the screen > Workflow > click Workflow Manager

2. Click the Registration section in the navigation pane in the left hand side of the screen.

3. Click Deductions.

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February 11, 2016 — administrator

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Adding a Problem to the Care Record (EMIS Web)

December 5, 2015 — administrator

Problems are usually added during a consultation and can be used to link medication and referrals amongst other things. Problems can easily be managed and merged, combined and split if necessary. 

1. Open the required patient record. 

2. On the ribbon toolbar at the top of the screen, click the Problems tab.

3. This displays the current problems screen. Click the Add button.