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Choose and Book live across the entire NHS by 2015 – are we finally to get a paperless referral process?

December 18, 2012 — administrator


The NHS Commissioning Board has today announced that there will be a completely paperless referrals system in place by 2015 – good news for Choose and Book fans and community services going through AQP.

In October, Tim Kelsey said that there would be no more “referral letters or lost records because we won’t have paper anymore in the health service”, a comment that was at first misquoted by some news websites.

Adding Patient Information Leaflets as a Bookmarked URL in TPP SystmOne

December 17, 2012 — administrator

It is very straightforward to create your own links to websites in TPP SystmOne to enable you to quickly access information outside of SystmOne in just a couple of clicks. 

1. Log in to SystmOne in the usual manner and click the Clinical Tools menu > Bookmarks > Configure. 

2. Click the Bookmark URL button in the top-left corner. 

3. Enter the details of the bookmark as in the image below. Ensure the URL is typed in exactly (in this example, including the .asp at the end) or the link will not work. Type (without quotes) "".

OpenGPSoC gets under way and is looking for funding

December 11, 2012 — administrator

Pricare attended the OpenGPSoC Town Hall Meeting on Saturday 8th December 2012 and was pleased to see a great turnout and variety of public and commercial bodies at the event. 

The project got off to a roaring start with ideas for direction from many contributors. A number of healthcare organisations were present at the meeting and included NHS Direct, Cerner and Connecting for Health. A reporter from EHI also attended. 

TPP wins £28m Southern contract

December 11, 2012 — administrator

From EHI

TPP has been awarded a long-awaited contract to provide a centrally funded IT system to nine community and child health organisations in the South.
A tender worth £28m was issued in August to provide a system for community providers previously covered by the Additional Supply Capability and Capacity programme.

Creating Numeric Data Graphs in TPP SystmOne GP

November 24, 2012 — administrator

Clinical staff constantly add numerical data to patient records, whether it be a simple BP reading or filing multiple Pathology reports from hospital labs. But did you know about the handy graphical feature to quickly and clearly display lots of numerical information? 

Using the New Look & Feel in TPP SystmOne

November 24, 2012 — administrator

TPP regularly update SystmOne to ensure users always have the best experience possible. Recently, they have introduced a new feature that makes the user interface look more modern and have additional functionality that introduces screen transitions. These all give SystmOne a polished look and gives the software a new look.

Mobile site for TPP SystmOne and EMIS eLearning materials coming soon...

November 16, 2012 — administrator

By the end of November 2012, Pricare's eLearning site will have a mobile version, allowing easier navigation and reading on your Android, iPad or iPhone device.

This will mean you can read and learn from your mobile device and follow the guides and videos on-screen. This will eliminate the need to constantly switch windows or print guides and have them on your desk.

This new service will be included free of charge for existing and new subscribers.

You can subscribe here.


Setting up Forwarding Recipients in TPP SystmOne - Streamlining Scanning in Document Management

November 8, 2012 — administrator

The new Document Management feature in TPP SystmOne really speeds up the process of scanning and we think it's great. The following tip will show you how to make forwarding on scans to GPs to be checked even quicker. 

Once you have processed your scan, matched to a patient, entered details of the letter (e.g Discharge Summary), filled in the sender and recipient details and read coded as necessary, you click the Confirm button and then the system asks if you would like to complete the document (which files in the patient's notes and removed the document from your Acquired Images screen) or if you would like to forward the document onto a GP to be checked. 

The following tip shows you how to set up your mainly used GPs as buttons as in the image below, rather than having to find them from the drop down list, clicking their name and then clicking the + button to add them to the list.